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  • Fall Fashion Show

    We’ve got fashion! Chattanooga Market is home to many artists who create handmade apparel, accessories, ...

A Visit To White Oak Valley Farm

Recently, Steve and I headed to Bradley County to visit Rachel Otto and her brother at the farmland they lease and call White Oak Valley Farm.  HOT as it was, these two smiley faced folks were happy to show us  their crops and tell us about their family affair.  Originally a hobby of Rachel’s, she’s got […]

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A Candymaker’s Tribute

Last Christmas, I met a new vendor at the Chattanooga Holiday Market who caught my attention.  He was selling peanut brittle (which I love) and I sampled some.  He told me to expect that it would have a different texture than traditional peanut brittle, and it did.  It was delicious, buttery and melted in my […]

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Wildwood Harvest Farms – Penny’s Eggs

Meet Penny (well, her name is really Katie), her egg stand at Chattanooga Market says “Penny’s Eggs”.  In reality, it’s the chickens who are name Penny – all 900 of them. I’ll still call her Penny. It’s gotta be a marketing thing. Penny, er, Katie, is a pretty, sun-kissed blond who looks like the “farmer’s […]

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Stone Link Designs

Owner and designer, Liz Long, centers her jewelry designs around natural stones, pearls and gemstones with both sterling silver and 14k GF. New to our area (and Chattanooga Market) Liz is enjoying a fresh start sharing her craft after years of graphic design in the business world.  Her pieces are beautifully crafted, with a delicate and […]

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Bow Ties by Fitted Stitches

Want to know what seems to be all the rage these days? Bow ties are IN when it comes to little and big guys.  We’ve got a vendor making them handmade, and right in your budget. Check out the selection of bow ties on Sundays from Fitted Stitches or ask them about custom orders too!

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Candy Bones (Salty & Sweet Treats!)

Melinda Cantrell makes the most delicious gourmet chocolate dipped pretzels in several mouth watering flavors.  Make no mistake – these tasty “bones” are for people only.  The recipe was handed down to Melinda from her beloved Grandmother who would be proud to know she kept the family recipe alive.  Folks from all over are enjoying these sweet […]

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