Holiday Market takes trip to the ‘Row’

Article recently published by the Chattanooga Times-Free Press:

BARRY COURTER: Lisa, since it opened almost a decade ago, the Chattanooga Market has steadily become a part of a weekly routine for many people in Chattanooga. In that time, it has educated people on the advantages of buying local, and it has helped to create jobs for Chattanoogans. The market folks have added something new this year.

LISA DENTON: That’s a good thing since something old was taken away. Though it was connected only by venue, it seems weird not to have the NCAA Division I football championship in town this year.

With the game gone to Frisco, Texas„ it’s kind of rare to find rabid football fans at Finley Stadium in December. The visiting teams were always so pumped up for the game, the excitement was contagious.

Now it will be up to Holiday Market Too to give us something to do as we get into the December doldrums.

BARRY: Yeah, thanks for harshing my mellow. I’d moved on, but that game, especially the pregame festivities, was a lot of fun. Anyway, over the next two weekends, 40 of the more popular and regular vendors from the Sunday market will pick up their wares and move them over to Warehouse Row. This means that we will have two extra weekends to buy local.

LISA: The market folks are describing it as “trendy” and “indoors,” which probably translates to “pricier” but “warm.” There’s always been a wide range of choices at the Sunday market, so these 40-plus “premier” vendors should offer a good mix of handmade arts, crafts and foods. I’ll be happy to make you a list of things to look for if you don’t know what to buy me.

BARRY: I’ve been described as “pricier” but “warm.” “Trendy” and “indoors” too, but not as often. Being able to meet and talk to the person who made the item you are buying for someone is pretty cool. Chattanooga Market Too will be open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Dec. 17-18.

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