2010 Music Awards: Best Family-Friendly Music!

by Bob Payne, The Chattanoogan

Welcome to the third annual Music Awards, part 2. Movies have the Oscars, Broadway has the Tony Awards, Television has the Emmy, and in Chattanooga, locally based musicians have the Chattanoogan.com Music Awards. These prestigious awards are all decided by just one vote – mine. There are two nice features about this method – nobody can get all their buddies to vote and swing the award, and all of the ones that did not win an award, only lost by one vote. Also, nobody has to buy an advertisement to be one of the best of the best.

Best “Family Friendly” music venue – The Chattanooga Market wins this hands down. With live music every single week, this is a great place to take the kids or grandma & grandpa to see and hear top quality music. It’s kind of hard to take the kiddies out at ten at night to see a music act in a bar, but the Chattanooga Market solves that problem with mid-day performances in a fun, family atmosphere.