11Alive/Atlanta’s Weekend Getaway: Chattanooga on the Cheap

Article by Eve Chen, 11Alive Atlanta

Whether you like mountains, museums or microbrews, charming Chattanooga has something for you — all within a couple hours of Atlanta. 


Sink your teeth into Chattanooga’s vibrant food scene with a number of not-to-be missed eateries that are easy on your wallet.  

It’s a good thing Aretha Frankensteins serves breakfast until midnight, because the wait for this popular restaurant can be a bit scary on the weekends. Their famously fluffy waffles, perfect pancakes, and creative comfort foods are worth trying any time of day. 

NorthShore Chattanooga bills itself as hip to historical, but Stone Cup Coffee House is simply heavenly. Coffee connoisseurs have to try a “tru bru”. Take your pick of more than dozen roasts, which they’ll grind on the spot and single-cup filter for a truly personalized brew. Enjoy your coffee and a tasty pastry on one of their comfy couches or out on the deck overlooking Coolidge Park and the Tennessee River.

In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to head over to the Chattanooga Market on Sundays, a feast for your eyes, ears and belly from May through December.

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