Chattanooga Market Kicks Off 2011 Season

Knoxville Times
Thursday 5th May, 2011
(Source: Examiner)

Chattanooga Market . Farmers, gardeners, arts-and-crafters, jam and cheese makers, bread and cake bakers, as well as local restaurants and eateries, gather at the First Tennessee Pavilion every Sunday from 11am to 4pm to promote their fares and wares. 

Every one of your senses will be awakened, by bouquets and fresh produce of every color, the smell of boiled peanuts and kettle corn, the endless samples of delicious freshly made food, the bustle and hustle of the shoppers and the music from the stage, and the beckoning of jewelry and art objects begging to be picked up and touched.

The place is filled with families and humming with energy; you’d be hard-press to come out without a single purchase.

It’s hard to choose where to spend your money, but luckily most vendors are glad to offer you… …

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