8/5 : Celebrate Local Food

This Sunday, August 5th, is a unique opportunity to really experience first hand why Local Food is Better Food.

We will be hosting the folks from Gaining Ground who work to support the local food movement in Chattanooga through various programs like the Harvested Here local food certification.

You’ll enjoy chef demos from popular restaurants like Hennen’s and 212 Market, along with sampling of fresh locally grown and raised foods.  Several local groups will be on hand to demonstrate their involvement in Chattanooga’s food community.There will also be activities for your kids to get involved in the movement towards locally grown. You’ll meet the farmers who are growing your food and you can even pick up a cookbook with recipes using locally grown summer ingredients.

When you shop at Chattanooga Market and other local farmers’ markets, look for the Harvested Here label which tells you that the food you’re buying was grown or raised within 100 miles of Chattanooga.  Because local food is better food – it’s better for your health, better for the local economy, and if you ask your friends and favorite chefs who shop at local farmers markets, they’ll say it tastes better too. Just as important, local food is better for the small farms and family farmers who live, grow and raise meats, eggs, and fresh produce – right here at home.

Did we mention that this Sunday kicks off National Farmer’s Week?  Join us as we celebrate local food!

Learn more about local food at www.growchattanooga.org