8/19: The Vibe Dials

What began as three independent Nashville artists performing together, has evolved into a tight-knit acoustic Americana trio. Drawing from influences as diverse as Nickel Creek, Ray Charles, and Jeff Buckley, The Vibe Dials have a real synergy. Michael Estok, Emily Estok, and Christopher Joel each bring strengths to the group, creating an irresistible modern sound with easy-on-the-ear harmonies rooted in bluegrass, gospel, and blues.

Michael’s song, “Burnin’ Bridges”, was nominated for the 2009 Song of the Year Effigy Award on Fames Games Radio and was praised by Tony Cowell (Simon’s brother) as “…someone I’m desperate to hear more from…”. His wife and fellow traveler Emily Estok released her debut EP in 2010, “Hold On Tight”. Christopher Joel’s EP, Fantasy World, has been featured on the Podsafe Music Network, a blocSonic compilation, and multiple music blogs.

Continuing to win over fans with every performance, The Vibe Dials are making their own distinct voice in the Nashville music scene. Their first release is self-titled and includes two songs from each writer, featuring the songs people have most talked about from their lives shows around the region.