9/9: Doug Rees

Singer/Songwriter Doug E. Rees has developed a solid reputation for his energetic, interactive, and crowd pleasing performances. As one observer noted, “A Doug E show resembles a conversation among friends.” Doug found a comfortable niche among the many talented Songwriters in Nashville playing a variety of acoustic venues honing his songwriting skills and fusing folk, country, blues and pop influences into his own unique style. Honest direct lyrics that reveal life’s challenges, triumphs and tragedies became Doug’s strong suit. However, Doug does not always fit what many consider the typical “singer/songwriter” mold, given his comfort level when sharing the stage with the likes of Lee Oscar (War), Kimberly Dahme (Boston) and Jeff “Skunk” Baxter of (The Doobie Brothers) or fronting his own popular band on festival stages. Doug E’s most recent CD is a live recording before an enthusiastic standing room only crowd at the Garden Gallery Listening Room. The performance is a solid demonstration of his prowess in a variety of musical styles ranging from solo acoustic songs to high energy blues performed with his full band and assorted guest musicians. Along with a few surprises, “Live” features audience favorites from his previously released “Wings Of Father Time” and “Memory Lane” CD’s. Whatever your musical tastes, Doug E has you covered.