Daniel Boling

Daniel Boling is a songwriter with a storyteller’s ear for detail and a balladeer’s turn of phrase. His songs are inhabited by interesting characters drawn from Daniel’s life, family and friends: the vagabond running off with a tiny circus to tour the West; an aging Viet Nam veteran looking back with surprise at his departed youth; a young rancher inheriting his grandfather’s nearly worn out rangeland and hoping he can hold on and live up to the family legacy; a passenger on Flight 93 calling his wife to say goodbye; and morons with a death wish proving Darwin’s theory of evolution! His finger-picked guitar and banjitar support a good, clear tenor voice that evokes his characters’ emotions perfectly.

Daniel has released five independent albums since 1999. His songs have been featured on Rich Warren’s “Midnight Special”, NPR’s “Car Talk”, the Dr. Demento Show and on many other folk-format radio programs throughout the U.S., Canada, Austrailia, Europe and Israel.