Jessica Campbell

Jessica Campbell was born and raised in the one-stoplight town of Catawba, North Carolina, where she grew up drinking lots of Cheerwine and Sun Drop (N.C.-based soft drinks); singing gospel, country and show tunes in church and in singing competitions); and belting the National Anthem at ballparks, rodeos, gyms, football stadiums and anywhere else that would have her. She attended college and graduate school at Middle Tennessee State University outside of Nashville, while continuing her musical journey—writing songs, recording, performing at Dollywood (Dolly Parton’s theme park), singing song demos, leading music at church, and touring. Along the way, she got several injections of validation, one being Best Song in the respectable USA Songwriting Competition. Another feat was getting a self-penned song cut by Gordon Mote, the 2-time Academy of Country Music Awards’ Piano Player of the Year.  Around 2008, after a few years of odd jobs that included Starbucks, an RV Park, a window sales company, babysitting and cookware sales consultant, Campbell decided it was time to focus her time and energy on her music career. She’s made headway in the film/TV music arena by placing songs in ABC’s “Ugly Betty” and CBC’s (Canada) “Heartland.”

Jessica Campbell’s new album, Great Escape, is a seamless slice of pop goodness coated with a first class production punch. Released in August 2011, it climbed to the number 5 spot on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart.