John Lathim & Michelle Young

John Lathim performs a unique acoustic blend of Scotch, Irish and mountain music. John presents a cultural European-American folk sound with original compositions.

His songs tell of rural life of the farmer, the traveling vagabond and the minstrel, weaving stories of the pioneers and days gone by. John also sings about the working class culture and social issues. His recent CD albums include “Chorus in the Wildwood”, “Native Sons of the Pioneer Days” and “From the Heart of the Tiller Man.”

Michelle Young, a world-record vocalist, has gone from ecclectic rock to jazz-blues and country folk. She has toured throughout Europe, performed with German rock artists such as Rudy Buttas, has worked with members of the Jethro-tull band, and has worked with the likes of Asia, Toto, and Kansas.She and John Lathim have completed a new album project together : Chorus in the Wildwood. John & Michelle are truly a winning team in this CD and in concert.