Annabelle’s Curse

Annabelle’s Curse is an emotional compulsion. They are a cry of camaraderie to the wasted
youth of our generation, an emulsion of the hope and the wickedness in our hearts. Hailing
from Bristol, Virginia, an area that throbs as the heart of Appalachian roots music, they
have traveled beyond long-established folk to craft a profoundly distinctive and soaring
sound. While deeply grounded in musical tradition, each song offers the contrast of strong
progression woven with striking banjo and guitar riffs, evocative lyrical harmony, stirring
imagery, and infectious energy. They lovingly produce dynamic and explosive music
dealing with powerful themes of the human condition that resonate with each listener.
Annabelle’s Curse has generated a family of followers moved to stomp until the floorboards
split, clap until their hands are numb, and howl until their voices crack. Together, they burst.

After starting the band in 2010, Annabelle’s Curse quickly amassed a loyal fan base. They
have since played a diverse array of shows across the area, from festivals to weddings and
farmers’ markets. Rather than seeking out ways to be noticed, they refused to allow their
ambitions get ahead of their own self-evaluations, focusing on composing their first album
in the winter of 2011. The result: their freshman release “Monsters,” a supercharged full-
length album that captures the spirit of their live performance intertwined with the climactic
dynamism of their songwriting.

Now working on their sophomore album with Grammy-nominated producer David Mayfield,
the next chapter of the band’s history begins. Over time, the faces have aged and the
instruments have changed but Annabelle’s Curse has continually evolved and matured
without compromising their fiery rhythm and relatable emanating passion. Their hearts
have been poured into this album and the result is a dynamic tale of the relatable human
condition that will resonate in the hearts of all who listen. The family that is Annabelle’s
Curse is ready, and they are throwing in the chips and playing anywhere their community
will listen.