Feature Vendor

Daniel Swanger’s Fine Art & Portraits
“I based my booth offering upon my own technique of watercolor-graphite

portrait sketches, like the French artist Ingres in Rome who made on

the spot drawings of tourists in the early 1800s. I developed the

media and technique on my own though, since I found charcoal and

pastels are messy and watercolor adds to a likeness with eye and hair

colors. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree as scholarship student

from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I have to practice my

drawing daily to keep in practice. Besides portrait sketches, I sell

my own published poetry and essay volumes as literature as art

entitled A TREASURED KEEPSAKE OF ART: Classical Sonnets, Verse and

Essays. I often find homes for my framed oils on canvases of local

Chattanooga scenes, painted usually from my own photos as painterly

photographic realism, with drawings and prints (engravings and

linocuts) in printbin and my exhibit usually changes every month or