8/11: FiveStar Food Fight

One of our most anticipated annual “foodie” events of the season…Local chefs compete live at the Chattanooga Market under the pressure of Market patrons watching their every move. Five local chefs are chosen to compete in this event where they will have to be creative, quick-thinking and woo our judges.

Elemental Chef Charlie Loomis

BlackSmith Chef Blacky Smith

Enzo’s Market Chef Brad Grafton

Back Inn Chef Buck Oglesby

Famous Nater’s Chef Nate Flynt

It’s nearly impossible for the competing chefs to plan ahead, because the main ingredient (beef, chicken, pork or fish) won’t be revealed until 11:30am when it’s time for them to shop for the fresh ingredients they will need to complete their main dish. Patrons are encouraged to watch & follow as the chefs pick and choose amongst the freshest fruits, vegetables, spices, cheeses and more to make their dish remarkable.

From about 12:30 till 2:30pm market-goers will watch the chefs demonstrate their culinary skills using FiveStar cooking ranges, a longtime Market sponsor. Emcee, Kelley McCoy of KZ106, will give the play-by-play on what each chef is preparing, their ingredients and provide the audience with personal interviews from each.

While there will be a winner announced by our panel of judges – it’s really just a friendly foodie fight!


Nathan Flynt: From the Ritz-Carlton to Chattanooga’s own Public House and Blue Plate, this chef can do some serious name dropping.  Don’t be fooled by his nonchalant, silly personality as owner/creator of  Famous Nater’s World Famous food truck each Sunday at Chattanooga Market, he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.







A bit about Brad Grafton, Chef at Enzo’s Market:

Most influential chef: Barefoot Contessa, Claim to fame: same size and weight as Julia Childs, Greatest culinary challenge: filling frosty machine at Wendy’s, Biggest culinary blunder:  thinking “Naked Chef” was an adult cooking show.

Brad has certainly been around and about Chattanooga. In fact, rumor has it he may have even trained a few of these young chefs in in town…We’ll let him speak for himself at Sunday’s event!




Say hello to our little friend: William “Babyface Buck” Oglesby

Institution: Johnson & Wales, Charlotte
Current Employment: Head Chef, Back Inn Café
Previous Employers: “If I tell you, I have to kill you.”
Favorite Dish: “What’s it to you?”

His prediction on how this dish will impress the judges of the Five Star Food Fight: “I’ll make them a dish they can’t refuse. I say what I mean and I do what I say.” What he thinks about the Chefs in the Five Star Food Fight: “They ain’t so tough!” How he feels about the Five Star Food Fight: “I’m Buck Oglesby, and I’m feeling ten feet tall.”


Meet Blacky Smith of Blacksmiths Bar and Grill:photo (4)

Chattanooga Market better get ready for Hurricane Blacky!  Drumming up strong flavors and a trail of delicious debris, this local boy is a force to be reckoned with!  Taking culinary cues from Fresh California, Spicy Louisiana (where he attended Culinary school), and Sweet Tennessee, he will be sure to create a tornado of tastes!




Here’s Charlie Loomis of the new Elemental Restaurant on the Northshore:

charlieLFrom great restaurants in cities like Raleigh and Asheville (including the original Tupelo Honey), Charlie has the experience to back up his game.  He came to Chattanooga to open Greenlife Grocery, helping to create a concept that would later attract Whole Foods. His early experiences gave him the skills to open his own concept on the NorthShore..Elemental.  Don’t let those blues eyes fool you, he’s in it for the win.