Saturday & Sunday 11/23-11/24, Thanksgiving Market

Begin your preparations for this season’s holidays at Chattanooga Market..We’ll have plenty of local meats, cheeses, breads, fresh produce, desserts and other homemade/homegrown foods for your family gatherings.

Giving unique, handmade gifts support our local artisan community and this weekend is the kick-off for holiday shopping! It’s also the last chance for Market purists to enjoy us outdoors for the season…We’ll be closed the Sunday after Thanksgiving but we move indoors to the Chattanooga Convention Center for the first 3 weekends of December!

11/22 Saturday 10-5

11/23 Sunday 11-4

2 Replies to “Saturday & Sunday 11/23-11/24, Thanksgiving Market”

  1. We are coming from Tampa Florida for the week and are excited about this event. Look forward to shopping in the cooler weather and seeing the local crafts and produce.

  2. THANKS for all the great info ! AND for keeping this Chattanooga “tradition” going.

    I have a small suggested change in the Thanksgiving Market copy.

    Instead of “We’ll be closed next Sunday for Thanksgiving . . .” It might be more clear if you said “We’ll be closed the Sunday after Thanksgiving . . .” IF that is what you mean.

    THANKS, again ! ! !

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