Allen Hampton Originals

Allen Hampton creates art from iron…His iron work explores expressions of human, insect and animal forms with a whimsical twist. He may best be know around town for his lettered signage, found in homes and restaurants all over town.  He can create anything and will do custom work! Come see him this month at Chattanooga Holiday Market. Give the gift of original art!

“I find birds, insects, reptiles fascinating with their amazing variations and unique features. I also have fun manipulating the human form. When starting a new piece, I look around in my scrap piles until I see something that attracts my attention. I pull it out and lay it on the ground and start selecting other shapes that fit with the idea. I try to work quickly at this stage and often will have several “sketches” going at the same time. Once I feel I have the basic concept laid out I move on to another. I leave all of these sketches lying on the ground so I will have a nice selection to choose from. When I am ready to start cutting and welding I pick the one that I think has the most potential and start working”.