Rick Rushing & the Blues Strangers

Rick Rushing & the Blues Strangers are a Blues based Trio out of Chattanooga Tennessee that harness key elements of Blues, Rock and Rhythm to create a synergy that lifts audiences to new heights of musical consiousness. Rick Rushing & the Blues Strangers take The Blues as the musical foundation form in their unique way and continue to connect with audiences during the live performance. The band line up is lead vocalist and guitarist Rick Rushing a Cincinnati native and kin to the legendary Jimmy Rushing of the legendary Count Basie Big Band, Rick can flat out play guitar and is the main singer songwriter of the trio. Aaron Nash of California lays a steady groove on bass guitar, and Chattanoogan Chris Lacy plays drums. No Rick Rushing & the Blues Strangers show is the same with Original music that some confuse for covers and covers that stretch into the musical genius of artist like Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles to the Cure. Check out this infectious band LIVE yourself and enjoy the Ride.