Lon Eldridge

Lon Eldridge is often said to have talent and style beyond his years. His warm and infectious musicality is sure keep you tuned in throughout the night, coupling intricate fingerstyle guitar work with clever and thought-provoking lyrics. Lon has toured the USA and Europe, taking his unique blend of traditional blues, ragtime, and jazz to whole new audiences. This is a show you definitely don’t want to miss!

“A young man, Lon Eldridge, walked to the front of the dining room. He looked younger than me, and was wearing a non-descript shirt, slip-on tennis shoes, and a handlebar mustache that he was at least two decades too young or two centuries too late to be wearing. Without bravado, he started his show…” “…the ghosts filled the room and took the empty seats around me. Though the group in the room was small and intimate, one could listen and know that we stood in the company of not only the saints and the apostles of religion and gospel, but also of the Delta blues. Saint James sat next to Robert Johnson, both nodding their heads to the music. Lon played the Blues as I haven’t heard them since my last trip to Mississippi. He had a voice as pure as Sinatra, lyrics as sharp as a knife, and talent that pierced through time and space, creed and faith.”

-Amanda Ringer, from “The Mountain, the Valley, and the Space Between”