Brandon McGuiness

Brandon McGuiness is a solo artist whose soaring vocals and poetic lyrics speak to the soul. Eager to conquer the Nashville pop/rock music scene, Brandon is centering in on his audience, ready to reach them with his music.

Brandon’s songs are about life, the parts of life we all experience and can relate to as our own. He sings about relationships: two people coming together, their efforts to become one, their long-term joy, or the struggle of heartache. His songs point out the hope each day brings and the fullness of life gained by those who seize it. Brandon hopes that those who listen to his music can find a piece of their own story in his songs, something they can relate to and call their own.

​“Music is in my blood. It is in my very soul. It flows through me. I desire to portray things we encounter in our everyday life in a new, thought provoking way through my music. Music can be a wonderful thing that connects people on multiple levels, enticing us to slow down in this often chaotic life and witness the melodies around us.”