Gabriel Newell

Gabriel Newell is a promising singer-songwriter who currently lives in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. Gabriel’s sound is very much rootsy, sultry soul: His music combines the deep, powerful vocal presence of traditional soul with the moving, experience-driven storytelling of folk. But at the core, Gabriel is a soul singer. His vocal style is at once haunting and ethereal, yet grounded in the struggles and experience of the common man.

Like many of the great singers from the genre of soul, Gabriel gained his passion and skill for vocal melody and song from a gospel music heritage. The oldest son of a pastor, Gabriel grew up singing and playing guitar and drums in the church, and has taken his early passion for music and crafted it into a collection of songs that is moving, well-written, and honest.

In a short amount of time performing in Chattanooga’s eclectic music scene, Gabriel has already set himself apart and garnered a reputable following, as well as the respect of many local club owners and area musicians. He has already played at some of the area’s most prestigious venues, such as Rhythm & Brews and Market Street Tavern, and opened for national acts such as Angie Aparo and Christine Kane.

Gabriel is a versatile performer, with a stage presence that is warm, humble, and welcoming. Whether in a coffee shop with just he and a guitar, or on a big, regional stage with a full band, Gabriel’s music cuts through the air with honesty and passion.