Rustic House Candles

The Rustic House Candle Company unites the best of the traditional and the new, with a classic candle designed to complement virtually any decor. Started by 2 friends who learned this artistry from an early age, they’ve worked with the industry’s finest perfumers to create exclusive and unique candle fragrances.

Each candle is hand poured to ensure the finest quality. Custom work is also available – bring in your favorite clean glass container and they can fill it with a Rustic House Candle scent of your choice. And, these gals are environmentally responsible too…bring in your used Rustic House glass containers for recycling and receive $2 off your next candle!

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  1. the absolute BEST candles i have ever bought! they have adorable packaging, a huge assortment of scents, and make easy presents for all occasions

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