Sara Beth Go

Nashville songbird Sara Beth Go has been in the music business for 10 years. At 18, she ran out of her parents’ front door in New Orleans straight to Nashville, fueled on naïve hopes to become the world’s most profound artist. Her music was young, the seams bursting with hope and sweet but adolescent thoughts.

Sara Beth’s songs, like her life, began evolving and expanding with age, experience and men. Written on her grandmother’s piano, an I-got-unengaged-emotional-purchase guitar, and her iPhone, Sara Beth’s “sadly sweet, sweetly sad, aw-shucksy baroque-pop”* songs reveal a prolific singer-songwriter weathered by the everyday mundanes and Nashville’s music machine. On the road, Sara Beth travels cross-country playing at every venue available, collecting unique fans along the way. “We think we’re so different, but I’ve found by being honest that a lot of us speak the same language. The highest compliment I can receive is ‘You write the things I feel but don’t know how to say.’”

Wish it Had, the fourth independent album from Sara Beth Go, swings from whimsical adolescence to the crooked bitterness of adulthood, from stark reality to shimmery dreams. Love is a serious business. And her self-penned tunes profoundly, yet simply, reflect the gravity of this experience. “I’m really good at choosing bad men. I can’t afford therapy, so I write songs.” The crux of the album is captured with this title track lyric: ‘You thought that your love would scare me/ I wish it had.’ For Sara Beth, hope walks hand in hand with regret. And the soundtrack of this stroll will have you tapping happy feet, sighing in nostalgia, and bracing the pain all in one twenty-seven minute listen.