Honeyberry Farm

Welcome to our HONEYBERRY FARM. My name is Brenda Camp Hubbell, and I am a food technologist with over thirty years experience in the food industry, working for companies such as White Lily Flour, Stouffer’s Frozen Foods, the American Frozen Food Institute, Banquet Frozen Foods, and Reily Foods, who owns the JFG brand known here in East Tennessee.

In 1995 I had a dream and a flash of insight that led to what is today a honey-based, 10-item product line, most of which you’ve never seen on your local grocery shelf! Moreover, the road to Honeyberry Farm has been a joyous growing and learning experience for my family, many of my friends, and especially for me.

As I pour my patented honey jellies into jars, I still marvel at the beauty of the liquid jelly. When my sister Connie Ford and I spoon honey jelly from the jar for your tasting, we share our delight of the jelly’s beautiful appearance, and when you are tasting it in front of any of us, your delight validates our work. We love our honey jellies, and we love the business of selling them to you!

When we received our patent in 1998, Connie and I began marketing the product wholesale to gift and gourmet businesses. Some of our first customers were Dollywood, Biltmore House, Callaway Gardens, and the Opryland Hotel. In a little over two years, we had customers in 10 states.

We quickly learned the importance of tasting. I can’t tell you how many times we heard, “Honey Jelly? I’ve never heard of honey jelly before!” Since this combination of honey flavor and jelly texture is so incredibly unique, the potential customer has to taste it, (and then they buy multiple jars).

Connie’s idea for also reaching buyers by selling at festivals and fairs changed my life. Too shy to welcome strangers to our wholesale booths when we started, now, two years later, I even have a road show – my bee and bear show- where I parade around in my “queen bee” outfit, passing out the samples of our jellies that are still hand-made. (And passing out the bee puns that my customers give me!)

Jenna Karakatsanis walked into our lives about 6 years ago and is now my “adopted daughter.” She has brought a new spirit, passion and furthered our HoneyBerry dreams. Beyond growing into family, Jenna works tirelessly to coordinate sales, spend time with customers and just be an overall jack of trades. Together, we make a great team, and while a lot of exciting things have happened in the last few years, we’re working hard to keep growing one spoonful at a time!

On behalf of the my family, I thank you for your interest and continued support of our Honeyberry Farm Patented Honey Jelly.

Brenda C. Hubbell”