Candy Bones (Salty & Sweet Treats!)

Melinda Cantrell makes the most delicious gourmet chocolate dipped pretzels in several mouth watering flavors.  Make no mistake – these tasty “bones” are for people only.  The recipe was handed down to Melinda from her beloved Grandmother who would be proud to know she kept the family recipe alive.  Folks from all over are enjoying these sweet and salty treats!

Melinda can package them up special for you – mix and match or custom order for a bridal shower, party or even client gifts.  You’ll find Melinda out front of the pavilion right before you walk in on most Sundays…


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  1. Hello,

    How can I contact Melinda? I’m hosting a summer camp for girls on entrepreneurship and would love for her to come and speak to them.

    My name is Toccora Johnson
    Email address is

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