Daniel Swanger – 10 years of Portaits at Chattanooga Market!

If you’re a regular at Chattanooga Market, then perhaps you’ve met Daniel Swanger.  Daniel has been a vendor at the Market for 10 years now and is widely known for his portraits drawn and sold on the spot. While his portraits are his most know works – he’s been branching out into other areas of drawing and painting that are gaining quite a bit of attention. Come see his works each Sunday at Chattanooga Market!

My recent work is painterly photographic realist, not tight photorealism, as I generally take my own photos of vistas or from travels and take them back to my studio to paint, so that they are twice as original as paintings. To draw and paint this well one must practice every day, like a musician or athlete; “no day without drawing” is my motto, appropriated from Apelles and Canova, and I always make preparatory drawings for paintings. In my earlier work the Classical tradition replaced the Renaissance, and19th century idioms replaced Modernistic ones, deconstructing art history as one of the 1980s Chicago Postmodernists. German Expressionist Chaim Gross’ daughter Mimi taught me at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago that many of the artists I admire painted very directly, so that is what I do, usually wet-in-wet over golden brown priming; my studio is in Chattanooga and I never run out of themes in painting Chattanooga. It is said that my paintings have a muted color softness with serenity, character and strength.”