A Visit To White Oak Valley Farm

Recently, Steve and I headed to Bradley County to visit Rachel Otto and her brother at the farmland they lease and call White Oak Valley Farm.  HOT as it was, these two smiley faced folks were happy to show us  their crops and tell us about their family affair.  Originally a hobby of Rachel’s, she’s got the whole family involved at this point.  Mom is seeding tomatoes all season long, so they can dry them and sell these heirloom seeds – a true labor of love. Rachel and her brother are planting, harvesting and even experimenting with canning, growing new foods. And, on occasion, they get to sit down to a meal grown and prepared by their own two hands.  We saw tomatoes starting to bloom, cucumber plants, lots of peppers, even some watermelon and cantaloupe.  I’m constantly reminded what a hard job it is to farm. Let me say again, it’s HOT (or rainy, or freezing) and it’s a constant game of risk vs. reward. It’s also physically hard work and, well, the pay off isn’t always there.  Thank goodness there are folks who truly care about what we eat and provide us with these healthier options to mass produced foods that are imported with little care to how they are grown!