Lee and Gordon Greens

Yes, it’s nearly the winter holidays and here we are, talking about fresh lettuces and….drumroll please…tomatoes. Gib Jones (Chattanooga Market’s own) and his mother Joan are busy perfecting what may be the most ingenious things since the Market began.  They have added hydroponic tomatoes to their repertoire of soil-less growing in a greenhouse.  Why tomatoes? Tomatoes, especially heirloom, are one of Summer’s most beloved fresh produce by both market patrons and chefs.  Unfortunately, they are quite seasonal and the alternative (sourcing from other countries) is less than desirable.  With the addition of tomatoes to Lee and Gordon Greens, we’ll be able to get heirloom tomatoes year round – what a treat! IMG_3177

Lee and Gordon Greens began six years ago, growing and harvesting lettuces.  It hasn’t been easy, learning a new method of growing, developing and maintaining the technical equipment and riding the tides of a new business.  They grow dozens of varieties, all using the hydroponics technique.  The soil-less, nutrient-filled water method makes for a healthy and sustainably grown head of lettuce that is aesthetically gorgeous (why chefs also love them) and completely free of GMO’s and other dangerous chemicals.

Come say hello to Joan Jones every Sunday at Chattanooga Market and be sure to get there early if you want tomatoes!