Introducing…Small Batch Peanut Butter

We’re looking forward to peanut buttery goodness from Scotch Corner Foods this season! John and Janna Sayer make small batch peanut butter, using only natural ingredients to make a more creamy peanut butter than the conventional grocery store brands.  They’re sourcing their peanuts from Tennessee and Georgia, keeping it close to home.  Janna grew up on a peanut farm in Alabama, which was a fortunate thing for husband and business partner, John, who grew up in the U.K. There, jars of peanut butter were considered a delicacy rather than a staple, like here in U.S.  Citing a grilled peanut butter and jelly as a family fav, the Sayers are always eager to experiment with peanut butter recipes and challenging our taste buds with unique flavors.  Come try for yourself Sundays at Chattanooga Market.