Silk Art Company

Susan and her son Josh

Talk about a creative, thoughtful gift to yourself or loved one…you can make your own silk scarf! Yep, right at Chattanooga Market and Chattanooga River Market on select Saturdays. Susan Matzkin and her college bound son, Josh Agudo, started this crafty business to help raise funds for Josh’s college dreams.

The craft is based on an ancient Turkish art called ebru, which is a form of water marbling. Susan and Josh will walk you through designing a 100% silk scarf or cotton bandana. Easy peasy: choose the colors, drop them into a special solution and sw10374982_961485690537080_8192608288579209165_nirl them around, then lay the scarf/bandanna on top and, voila! A gorgeous and unique creation every single time.

Not feeling crafty? No worries, some of Susan’s best creations are available immediately for sale.