Clever Raven

Reuse, repurpose – it’s all the rage.  Industrial is “IN” and Clever Raven is using his handy-man skills to create the coolest accessories around.  With old industrial plumbing, antique books, you name it – he can create fixtures, lighting, shelving…

image4Raven has always tinkered with building furniture, but the industrial style desk he built for his finance really triggered his interest to do more.  And now he’s a Chattanooga Market vendor.  He’ll be making his debut at our “Market on Market” for Scenic Streets Chattanooga and then Sunday’s at Chattanooga Market.

Raven: “I’ve always loved expressing myself in various creative ways, I love to write and I sketch every once in a while. But Clever Raven has been my vehicle to share the random designs that bounce around my head on a day-to-day basis. Needless to say, I feel truly blessed to be able create eclectic lighting pieces”.