Brownies, Cupcakes, Cookies…Oh My

Thanks to the ladies at Simply Southern Bakery, our downtown Chattanooga River Market now has delicious treats that folks can take home to enjoy.  Their cookies come in fun fishy shapes (right at the Tennessee Aquarium Plaza) and other favorites like good ‘ole fashioned chocolate chip.  If chocolate is your thing, you won’t want to miss the chocolate peanut clusters with toffee!

And when the Chattanooga Market opens up for the season (4/25-4/26), the bakery will offer a wider variety of offerings such as southern pies, pound cakes and sweet breads.Italian Creme Layer Cake

Candy Meck and Wendy Chambray are newcomers to the Chattanooga Market family. The two came together sharing a love of baking over 30 years ago. They’ve recently moved to Chattanooga to make their start-up bakery dreams come true.  Both Candy and Wendy have had backgrounds in various aspects of the business world, but it was their passion for baking and relentless requests for more, more, more from friends, family and co-workers that boosted their confidence to make it happen.

[box type=”shadow”]*New this Saturday at River Market – Gluten Free Treats*[/box]

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  1. Hey Melissa, just read the feature on our Bakery, thank you so much for the kind words!!! Wendy’s last name however is Chambley!! Not a problem, we answer to any thing close!! Ha! Looking forward to this Sat. At the River Market, trying a Gluten free cookie, Snickerdoodles!! Hope to see youall their!!

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