Paper Dragon Organics

This has got to be one of the more original stories on how a vendor got started.  It is true that Logan Ivey has always loved wood.  He’s also a musician.  So the creative juices are there. But Logan had a need, a need for ear plugs.  Not the kind of ear plugs most of us over 45 are thinking about, but the kind the younger generation use – for filling the holes in ears that have been stretched.  Opportunity for a whole new product line!

So Logan needed ear plugs. And he was having allergic reaction to the ones currently on the marketplace.  What started as a personal need, grew to providing ear plugs to friends, to selling them small batch in public.  And then he progressed into more woodworking.  He began to afford woodworking tools and equipment and experimented with his new found passion and craft until he realized he wanted more.

Logan makes beautiful, functional dinnerware such as bowls, cups and plates.  You can eat food on all of his products (not always the case when purchasing other wood products).  He uses carefully chosen woods, that are legally harvested.

For example, his olive wood supplier lives in Israel and only harvests wood only after the tree has died. As for production, he mainly turns wood on a lathe. Sometimes the wood is green, which means that it’s wet. This requires a drying period. Logan only air drys his products, no kiln. For finishing, he uses combinations of Jojoba Oil, beeswax, and carnauba wax. This organically seals the pieces, making them safe to eat and drink from, and making the jewelry safe for the skin.

Come see Dragon Paper Organics Opening Weekend and beyond at Chattanooga Market!

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