Fresh Pasta Now Available!

No more binge Netflix watching. Winter is officially over – thank goodness. The farmers and food artisans of Chattanooga Market are eager to share the rewards of their winter’s work – and we can’t wait.

Between Sunday offerings and soon, Wednesday’s too (May 6th), Chattanooga Market has nearly everything you’ll need to fill your pantry and refrigerator with fresh foods, allowing you to stay away from those that are commercially processed.

We’ve just welcomed Mary Alicia’s Artisan Pasta to our group of producer-only vendors this season. Listen up, her pasta is HEALTHY. Forget the negative “carb” discussion.  This is not your grocery store semolina pasta.  10653531_1617114298501918_5296690865453645805_nMary Alicia spent part of her childhood in Italy, learning how to make fresh pasta from “mama”, the grandmother of the home where she stayed. Her pasta is made with pasta flour and whole grains – that she grinds herself.  Grains like Kamut, which is resistant to wheat allergies; organic rice which is free of metals; organic Durham which is an extremely complex grain.  These grains are GOOD for us. Her pasta is low in Gluten and Glycogen (also making it appropriate for those with diabetes).

Join us in welcoming Mary Alicia by trying some of her basil goat cheese ravioli, rosemary garlic pasta and other varieties. We can’t wait to hear how much you like it!

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