Stolen Flowers

If  you’ve ever waited on line for flowers at Chattanooga Market – you can appreciate that we have added another farm to the spring mix.  Stolen Flowers is a Mother/Daughter partnership of farmer florists from Armuchee, Georgia, growing specialty cut flowers. They’ve been attending our Market on Sundays this spring and hope to share their unique arrangements and bouquets with you. Their favorite look? Carefully blending stately flowers with local, wild botanicals, creating a distinctly different look. DSC01564

Terri Todd and Jesse Lockett advocate the “slow flower movement”. They know the joy and lightness-of-heart that flowers bring, and have enjoyed selling at Chattanooga Market – “It’s a great reward for the hard work and angst of flower farming!” – Terri Todd.
Wondering where their name Stolen Flowers came from? Well, from the mouth of babes, Terri writes:

“Seeds are fair game. I will steal seeds from any source, shamelessly. Cuttings may be had very discreetly, in very small numbers, and fresh cuts shall not be visible to the owner.

I never cut blooming flowers where there is someone to enjoy them. I recently spied a house in my neighborhood in Atlanta that looked vacant. It had several gardenias in the front just covered with the last blooms before cool weather. I pulled in the driveway, knocked on the door to make sure it was vacant – the fragrance of gardenia was dreamy – and a woman actually answered the door! I apologized for disturbing her and told her I thought the house was vacant. As I turned to leave shDSC01130e asked me if I was looking for a house to rent. I said, “No, I was going to steal all the gardenia blossoms.” I laughed and waived and left, making a mental note to check back in the Spring…

I will cut flowers from vacant houses and lots, and all over the interstate and road sides.
I will dig up ferns, bulbs, and entire plants from abandoned houses – houses that have been vacant for years and will be staying that way – and from open fields and creek beds and road sides.

I keep a small, discreet shovel and clippers in my car – just in case.”

Stolen Flowers is Certified Naturally Grown, and a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.

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  1. I so miss the days on Church Street in Nashville with our stolen buttercups. I use to aid Ms. Todd back in the early 70’s. Terri has been sharing the beauty of this earth for many years! It is truly a labor of love. Sees

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