5 Father’s Day Ideas Made Easy

The “gimme” part of this is to bring Dad to Chattanooga Market. We’re making it easy for you. It’s a great family outing and we’ve added a few extras to boost Dad’s day: Bacon, Beer and Blues.

Here are 5 easy gift ideas (all available Sunday at Chattanooga Market):

1. “Non-traditional” neck ties and bow ties. Yes, it may sound cliche. But, when it’s designed and crafted by a local artist, using some pretty swanky fabrics, it’s a hip gift.  Check out the options at Fitted Stitches for something unique.

2. New at Chattanooga Market! This artist’s leather works are amazing. Satchels, wallets and totes in several trendy styles.  Visit Stryker of Live Steadfast on Sunday for sure.

3. Ok, we keep saying it. BACON. But seriously, it brings a certain happiness to a man.  Barton Creek Farms is selling FRESH bacon – just grab a few pounds and call it done.

4. Want to be practical, yet unique? Give Dad a handcrafted cutting board from The Board Man. His boards come in many sizes and unique woods. Grab some fresh goods from Bluff View Bakery and Rafting Goat Cheese and give it whirl at dinner.

5. If the man in your life is the gun carryin’ sort, he’ll appreciate a nice leather-carved holster. With many to choose from, each one is hand crafted by Dale Shannon of Misty Mountain Acres.  It just doesn’t get much more unique than that!


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