An Artist’s Window into the Soul

Michael Rievley is no newcomer to the art of stained glass.  In fact, he’s been a commissioned stained glass artist for over 30 years, spending much of his time in Ireland restoring ancient windows. Often religious in nature, Michael worked on such fascinating structures as St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Oranmore Castle, Bunratty Castle, and the Galway Cathedral, to name a few.  He has designed and executed more than 2,000 windows!

20150429_171957_resizedThese days, Michael enjoys the “less serious” side of stained glass. Locally, folks can now find his more modern creations on most Sundays at Chattanooga Market. His new Crazy Face Collection (pictured) will bring an instant smile to your face. As an established artist, he finds it refreshing to create these frivolous pieces of art, each one being original and unique. Even though Michael’s works are available for purchase, he also does commissioned stained glass projects, both residential and commercial.

Michael resides in North Chattanooga with his two teenage daughters.  Come meet him in person at Chattanooga Market, Sundays 11-4pm

Blue Light Studio- Hampton Originals

Allen Hampton is celebrating his 5th year at the Chattanooga Market, but he’s been creating art for nearly his whole life.  As a youngster, his mother fostered his creative inclination, which he later turned into a degree in Architecture at the University of Tennessee.  As a young adult, he sought such adventures as hiking in Europe and building his own home in the Cherokee National Forest..from trees he cut himself.

photos 150It was later in life, after his daughter was nearly grown, that he and his wife were able to lean less on life’s practical means of earning money, and follow their dreams of creating and selling their art. So in the late ‘90s, Allen began working with metal. And this is the gift he has since brought to our community for several years now; and hopefully, many more to come.

Using reclaimed steel provides durability and is easily accessible, especially since Allen has created his own “scrapyard” at his home.  Drawing much of his inspiration from nature, he loves to be outside, gardening and watching critters…plants, animals, stones, reptiles, bugs and even bark and twigs are his choice for the ultimate beautiful designs. IMAG0377He utilizes many shapes and types of reclaimed metal pieces and enjoys the “experiment of the design” in each one. He “sketches” out his works sometimes, right there in the scrapyard, moving around the pieces until it suits his idea. Each piece goes through many evolutions throughout the process.  He carefully designs for balance and harmony, with an element of surprise at the finish.

Allen rarely misses an opportunity to come to the Market on Sundays. Folks who know him, know Allen is light-natured.  His works are whimsical, silly and bring a smile to your face. He sells interior and exterior works as well as commissioned pieces. You have likely seen a “Hampton” around town at a local restaurant or business. You too can enjoy your very own Hampton original. 20150423_183822-2

Freedom Tree Farms

IMG_3846With Blueberry Festival approaching (6/28) it was time to make a visit to our friends at Freedom Tree Farms.  Close to Monteagle, it’s a pretty drive from Chattanooga and such a site upon arrival.  I visited just a tiny portion of their 400+ acres today – with an eye out for blueberries.

This Sunday may be your last (or close to last) opportunity to get their delicious blueberries and plants/bushes.  But they’ll be back in the fall with the season’s trees and bushes. It will take over 200 gallons of blueberries to satisfy all you fans this Sunday, but we’ll be prepared, and so will Freedom Tree…IMG_3847 IMG_3857

Blistering hot it was – gotta love our farmers:)