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8 Days ‘Till Holiday Market

Giving Local is Better – Idea #5 Love, love, love these festive necklaces from Art Jewelz!  Each piece is handcrafted with earthenware pottery clay and then kiln fired.  Your favorite teacher or friend will love one of these…give this gift a little early, so she can enjoy all December.  You’ll find Art Jewelz every weekend during Holiday Market.

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9 Days Till Holiday Market

Giving Local Is Best – Idea #4 Fiber Happy – if this scrappy crocheted poncho doesn’t make you happy… well, nothing will! This super hip poncho is made from ‘scrumbled’ crochet patches.  Every crocheted design is different! Look for ‘scrumbled’ purses and afghans too from Fiber Happy during all three Holiday Market weekends.

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10 Days ‘Till Holiday Market

Giving Local is Better! – Idea #3 For the truly purist at heart – the folks at Rustic House Candles have got the gift for you.  Their candles are made right here in Chattanooga – free of dyes, additives and they even recycle for you (discounts too!).  The variety of scents are fabulous and will […]

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11 Days ‘Till Holiday Market

Giving Local is Best – Idea #2 This pottery is not just your average bowl, it’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  Mugs, plates, vases and more, each piece is carefully designed and crafted by hand with beautiful color.  Have a knitter to buy for? The folks at Riffe Pierson Pottery make a killer knitting bowl […]

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12 Days ‘Till Holiday Market

Giving Local is Best – Idea #1 Get your gal something from El’s Silverwear.  El has hand-pick vintage silverware from the 1950’s and older to craft bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings into heirloom pieces of jewelry. Each piece is custom fitted for your wrist or neck size.  El adds stones and pearls to make her historic […]

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Lee and Gordon Greens

Yes, it’s nearly the winter holidays and here we are, talking about fresh lettuces and….drumroll please…tomatoes. Gib Jones (Chattanooga Market’s own) and his mother Joan are busy perfecting what may be the most ingenious things since the Market began.  They have added hydroponic tomatoes to their repertoire of soil-less growing in a greenhouse.  Why tomatoes? […]

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