FiveStar Food Fight This Sunday

at Chattanooga Market – July 24th, 11am-4pm

For Immediate Release

Chattanooga Market’s FiveStar Food Fight
Featuring… Chattanooga Market Vendors
Sunday, July 24th, 11-4pm

This coming Sunday, Chattanooga Market will feature one of the most anticipated “foodie” events of the season. Except this year’s cook-off will feature a different twist…the five competitors will be Chattanooga Market’s own vendors, all carefully chosen. In the competition are two food truck operators, a farmer, a baker and the Market’s own Assistant Market Manager.

And while the set-up differs from previous year’s where local top-notch chefs compete, patrons should not underestimate the strength of the competition. The five competitors are as equally talented, experienced and prepared to show our live audience how to make creative and delicious dishes from fresh ingredients bought right at Chattanooga Market. The emcee this year will be WRCB’s David Karnes who takes his own spin on the event with his lively personality and love of good food.

Each of the contestants will have to be creative, quick-thinking and woo a panel of judges to try and clench the win. It will be tricky for them to plan ahead too—the protein they will be asked to prepare will be a surprise. This information will be revealed at 11:30 when it’s time for them to shop for all of the other fresh ingredients they will need for their creation.

Patrons will be able to watch the Market’s own vendors as they pick out the freshest fruits, vegetables, spices, cheeses and more to make their dish remarkable – all right at the Market. They will be asked to demonstrate their culinary skills using professional FiveStar cooking ranges, made right here in Chattanooga. This food-sport competition was designed to showcase local talent as they prepare dishes made with fresh-grown ingredients, right from Chattanooga Market.

The Market will feature each of the competitors on social media this week, Monday-Friday (links below).

The 2022 competing chefs for the Five Star Food Fight are:

Wendy Smith – Sowing Seeds Farm
Dustin Concannon – Asarum Food Truck
Terence Locke – Chef Express Food Truck
Sarah Morris – Chattanooga Market
Glen Kagan – Federal Bake Shop

Schedule for FiveStar Food Fight:

11:00 Introduction

11:30-12:30 Competitors scour the Market for fresh ingredients armed with $50 shopping money to purchase fresh produce, cheeses, spices and more.

12:30-1:30 LIVE cooking demonstrations begin

1:30- 2:30 Judge’s panel are each served a main dish portion prepared from each chef for sampling and judging

15 minutes after judging is complete – the 2022 winner will be announced!