Flower and Peach Crops Hit Hard

Other Summer Offerings Are Plentiful at Chattanooga Market

Mother Nature is always a chief contributor to a farmer’s seasonal rewards. And this year’s late freezes challenged many local farmers. Chattanooga Market, home to dozens of local farms who sell their produce each week to the local community, will be postponing a few of the produce spotlights during the weekly Market.

The flower crops were drastically affected this season, leaving some patrons short of their weekly bouquets. Next Sunday, June 25th was scheduled to be a BLOOM’S flower theme. Instead, Chattanooga Market will be highlighting other produce and art vendors, with some terrific local favorite artists performing live. And Peach Festival will be affected as well. Mike Hazelrig of Hazelrig Peach Orchard says, “On March 20th we had a severe freeze during full bloom. Our first variety was wiped completely out. Other varieties were hit hard. As a result we will have fewer peaches to bring to the market. We have planted more vegetables to help offset our loss. Years like this makes us more thankful for what we do have.”

The show goes on, and so does Sunday Funday which will not be affected. Luckily, most other crops have been growing steadily and have made their way to Chattanooga Market. In season—at Chattanooga Market—are Sliver Queen corn, cucumbers, okra, butter beans, shelled peas, many types of lettuces with a limited amount of berries and peaches. Tomatoes are beginning to come in, as well as, watermelon and cantaloupe.

Now is a great time to help the farms who have suffered the loss of peach crops, and flowers too. Shopping weekly at Chattanooga Market helps to ensure those farms have the necessary cash to plant for next year.

Patrons can visit the website: ChattanoogaMarket.com for any schedule/theme changes in weeks to come. But, it will always be a Sunday Funday at Chattanooga Market.

Live on the Lodge Cast Iron Sizzle Stage, Sunday, June 25th:
12:30 Amber Fults
2:00 Butch Ross