This Sunday, July 23rd, the Chattanooga Market vendors will be cheering on their comrades. For the second time since 2020, the annual FiveStar Food Fight will feature an all-star vendor cast for the competition. And it’s no surprise that among the Chattanooga Market vendors, many are either self-taught or classically trained culinary whizzes. In the contestant spotlight, is the Market’s Executive Director, Chris Thomas. “I definitely have the edge with my extensive knowledge of Market offerings that will be at my fingertips for my culinary creation,” says Thomas. The excitement and banter within the vendor family has been building for this event. Market patrons will be able to watch as our competitors battle it out live at the Lodge Cast Iron Sizzle Stage. The FiveStar Food Fight will be emceed by local news channel 3’s David Karnes for the third consecutive year.

The FiveStar Food Fight starts when the competitors arrive early, just before the Market opens, taking time to strategically set up their cooking stations equipped with their own knives, cooking supplies, and of course, their FiveStar cooking range. They will shop that day at the Market for the fresh ingredients they will need to complete their main dish. Importantly, the competitors will be provided with a secret ingredient that won’t be revealed until just before the start time.


From about 11:00 am until 3:00pm (the Market is open until 4pm), market-goers will watch the competing vendors demonstrate their culinary skills and, ultimately, present their dishes to our panel of judges. It’s an exciting food sporting event to witness while seeing how shopping for local foods can easily, and affordably, be turned into something amazing.


FiveStar Food Fight Competitors:

Luther Cutchins with Noke’s Granola

Luke Gilberstand with Joyful Hearts Cafe

Sheka Ransom with Windy City Eatz

Blackwell Smith with Lucky Cajun

Chris Thomas with The Chattanooga Market