Chattanooga, TN – It’s time for the annual Peach Festival at Chattanooga Market; and this year organizers are feeling even more gratitude for its farmers. It’s been a tough year for the peach orchards, but luckily, the festival will continue as planned. The 23rd annual Peach Festival is known for delicious, fresh-picked peaches and peach-oriented foods such as peach cobbler, peach salsa, peach toppings and many other creative and fun uses. Traditionally, the 100+ vendors will jump into the theme with their own creations, including many of the artists.

And, as it turns out, the later season peach orchards have paid off for many farmers. The selections are expected to be similar to previous years, despite the rough start. Patrons have been seeing some of the harvest in the past few weeks, but the larger haul will be Sunday, July 9th for the festival. As always, the Chattanooga Market will feature farms, food artisans, artists and crafters and dozens of food trucks. There’s always live music on the Lodge Cast Iron Sizzle Stage.

Live Music – Sunday, July 9th:
12:30 The Essentials
2:00 Jesse Pollom