Market Fans Show Their Support This Sunday
Team Spirit Day at Chattanooga Market to Highlight the UTC MOCS

This Sunday, fall sporting fans will be wearing their favorite team colors at Chattanooga Market for a special Sunday Funday. Team Spirit Day is a chance for kids and grownups to parade their favorite team’s jersey while welcoming back-to-school fall sports. The day wouldn’t be complete without the blue and gold teams from the city’s own, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga MOCS. Thanks to UTC, MOCS fans will be able to partake in a “meet and greet” with several of the school’s sporting teams while collecting autographs.

Farm fresh produce at Chattanooga Market is still in prime time. August is a fun transitional month where summer tomatoes and fall apples are appearing at the same time. Beautiful fresh-picked flower bouquets are still plentiful and even summer cantaloupe is still offered from a few farmers. But, fall must be right around the corner because butternut and spaghetti squash have just arrived.

With lunch options from nearly 20 food trucks and live music each week, it’s hard to imagine spending Sundays anywhere else.

Live on Lodge Cast Iron Sizzle Stage this Sunday, August 27th:
12:30 Wyatt Espalin

2:00  Tropic Sol