Introducing the incredible musical journey of Andru Jamison, a 28-year-old Singer/Songwriter hailing from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Andru’s path in life has been marked by challenges, but it’s his unwavering passion for music that has illuminated his way. From a young age, Rock music was Andru’s anchor, resonating with him deeply. However, his love for music transcends genres, focusing on the emotions it stirs within. After dedicating 8 years of his life to serving as an Army Combat Medic, Andru discovered a profound connection with Country Music. He began crafting songs straight from his heart, with the goal of bringing healing to both himself and others. In under two years, Andru has ascended through the ranks, sharing the stage with notable artists like Struggle Jennings, Tyler Rich, Jesse James Dupree, Sam Grow, Demun Jones, and more. His presence is undeniable, leaving an indelible mark wherever he performs. Andru’s impact extends far beyond the stage. With an impressive collective following of over fifty thousand, he has captivated a legion of new fans. His soul-baring songs like “Beaten Up,” “Bad For Me,” and newest Top 20 Country Countdown Single release “Empty Bottle” have touched hearts and stirred emotions worldwide. Join us on a captivating journey with Andru Jamison as he writes the music that reaches deep within your soul, resonating with the core of your heart and mind. Don’t miss out on this rising star whose music transcends boundaries and evokes profound emotions.