Brad Freeney is an Atlanta-born songwriter, musician, and Folk/Americana recording artist living in Nashville, TN. Growing up in Metro Atlanta, he first picked up a guitar after seeing the famous “Johnny B Goode” scene from Back To The Future and never looked back. His earliest influences included early rock ‘n roll, such as Elvis, The Everly Bros, and Buddy Holly, to old country records in his dad’s truck. Brad zeroed in on music after discovering the Beatles as a pre-teen and knew he had to form a band with his friends from school. Before he could drive, he was already performing at restaurant porches and community events. From garage rock bands, to jazz combos, to school musical pit musician, Brad took it all in as “the real school.”

After moving to Middle Tennessee in Fall 2011 to attend Middle Tennessee State University, he quickly jumped in the deep end learning the recording industry, studio life, and the ins and outs of being a hired hand in Music City. Very quickly, Brad became a known and trusted bass player around Middle TN never wanting to turn down a session. While being either a band member or supporting musician, Brad’s musical journey has taken him from Texas, to Missouri, to South Florida, to the Carolinas, and many more. As a supporting member, he has played iconic venues such as AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX and was in the innaugural Music in the Middle Festival in rural Tennessee playing the main stage just before the 1975.

As a songwriter, Brad always saw storytelling lacking in the modern industry. He took lessons from the greats such as Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, Gordon Lightfoot, and Brian Wilson. Wanting to carry the torch of his heroes, he took to writing music that painted a picture of the American landscape and forgotten walks of life. Stories about railroad brakemen, factory workers, small town runaways, prisoners, and miners fill his multiple songwriting journals. His upcoming releases for Summer/Fall 2022 have already been making a buzz to those who’ve heard.

As a solo performer, Brad aims to captivate you with his stories, as well as celebrate the joy of living. He has no reservations with throwing in a fun oldies song, or country anthem to his setlists. “If you have fun, they’ll have fun” is a saying he takes to heart when performing. Brad Freeney is an experience that you should see live in your town.