Nina Ricci is one of the “new guard” of the old American folk revival. She heralds songs of the 1960s folk movement and writes a new chapter in her own songwriter’s voice. Nina’s artfully-crafted songs stand for themselves as lovable woven narratives sung with a confident air and savvy lyricism. Her onstage mien is both endearing and charismatic and she is personable on and off stage.

Nina’s journey in music is ever-unfolding. Her talent has made room for her among music artists such as Carolyn Hester, John McEuen (The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band,) and John Paul White (The Civil Wars.) She continues to surprise her peers and audiences through her unique gift of music with songs such as, “Bird On A String,” “All the Crown Jewels” (unreleased,) and, most recently, “My Head Is Full of You” (2022.) Nina’s voice has a singular quality all her own. She is a trained singer who was educated at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Nina is also a guitar player. Her particular brand of finger-style playing bears an essence of the folk music she adores, and her ability for songwriting, she says, is “a gift that was given innately and not acquired by education.”