Opal Entertainment is an acoustic indie-folk duo hailing from the Midwestern plains of Minnesota, now living in Nashville, TN consisting of Aidan Driscoll and Olivia O’Neil. Their catalogue of original music shifts back and forth between heartfelt ballads and catchy, upbeat folk tunes. Aidan’s intricate instrumental work, Olivia’s warm vocals, and their story-driven lyrics makes for an evening of fresh new music that continues to advance the indie-folk genre. You’ll often find their audiences going from a state of pondering to smiling from ear to ear and dancing around within the same song.

Opal’s music is inspired by alternative folk bands like, Wild Child, Mumford & Sons, and The Oh Hellos with lyrical and melodic hints towards the giants of the silver age of jazz like Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, and Billie Holiday, making it a fusion of everything you love.

Opal Entertainment first started sprouting in the minds of Aidan and Olivia in early 2016 when the two of them were taking a creative writing class with an emphasis on short stories. One of their classmates wrote a story about a woman named Opal who belonged to a town with two feuding sides. Opal wanted to reunite this town by bringing them together with a music festival.

That idea of uniting a community through music stuck with both Aidan and Olivia for many years before the idea of the two of them starting a collaboration even came to mind. Opal was more than just a cool band name for Aidan and Olivia, it represented an idea of a creative community dedicated to unity, creativity, and celebrating the joys belonging to something bigger than oneself.