Singer/songwriter Ryan Oyer was raised on the sounds of the 60’s British Invasion and 90’s Britpop. This prolific writer has released 6 albums and 3 EP’s in just over a decade. He is currently finishing ‘You Are Here’ the follow up to his self recorded (on his iPhone!) ‘Rise & Shine’ his most honest work to date.

​The work of singer-songwriter Ryan Oyer is intrinsically tied to personal experience and emotional connection. Oyer joyfully embraces his own history to inform the spaces within his music and uses the resulting rhythmic roar as a way to connect with his audience. Universal sentiment and intimate insight are irrevocably intertwined within a landscape of folk-rock rurality and indie rock tenacity. Wistfully exploring the same environments as fellow storytellers Jeff Tweedy and Jim James, he conjures comfortable evenings situated around campfires and loses himself within the lulling ease of front porch singalongs.
​-Joshua Pickard “The Southern Sounding”