Head of The Hooch

We can’t wait for November 7-8th where rowing teams from all over the world come to compete in the one of the largest regatta races in our county – and it’s right here in Chattanooga! 6548876603_2dc3d43fdf_z

The Head of the Hooch has been recognized by national magazines as the regatta to attend: the weather is nice, the city is great and the racing has the largest number of entries per event of any major regatta. The regatta is organized and hosted by the Atlanta Rowing Club, Roswell, GA and Lookout Rowing Club, Chattanooga, TN.6548878513_bce2ea2cce_z

Chattanooga Market proudly sponsors this event every year. We also host a “mini market” right on the river front to provide thousands of visitors a small taste of what we do every Sunday. We’ll have about 35 different vendors, consisting of artists/craftsmen and food trucks.  Come stop by and say hello!6548879445_0c79ac06bf_z

Introducing…Small Batch Peanut Butter

We’re looking forward to peanut buttery goodness from Scotch Corner Foods this season! John and Janna Sayer make small batch peanut butter, using only natural ingredients to make a more creamy peanut butter than the conventional grocery store brands.  They’re sourcing their peanuts from Tennessee and Georgia, keeping it close to home.  Janna grew up on a peanut farm in Alabama, which was a fortunate thing for husband and business partner, John, who grew up in the U.K. There, jars of peanut butter were considered a delicacy rather than a staple, like here in U.S.  Citing a grilled peanut butter and jelly as a family fav, the Sayers are always eager to experiment with peanut butter recipes and challenging our taste buds with unique flavors.  Come try for yourself Sundays at Chattanooga Market.

5 Days ‘Till Holiday Market

Giving Local is Better – Idea #8

Nature lovers! From Birds of Paradise, these unique feeders attract all sorts of birds…set out some birdseed or thistle to attract and feed goldfinches too.  Birdwatcher’s grab your binoculars!